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Le Journal de Vriane

The ruminating yoga cow: Oh la Vache!

I do yoga, photographing people in the desert mountains, I hike extensively, thinking about new poems. This is somebody who is passionate, who can sustain a line of thought for three or four days, but not more, who is passionate based on feelings more than on intellect, who can be kinda' girlish at times, but can also be harsh and sharp, though most of the time smooth and mellow, but not caramel, it sticks to the teeth! who has some spiritual inclinations, but cannot be too serious about them, who is usually quite light-hearted, and likes to look at the world in strange ways, who is very confident, verging on arrogance, but at the same time, seems to still have an heart, and be able to feel empathy with others, even though this empathy remains at an abstract level, and does not seem to translate into daily activities, who has rather an obsessive mind, and maybe, should get a real life instead of writing so much! This is ME, one and many, and yet truthfully true, always... So... what are you staring at?
arguing, asanas, asking for directions, aspirin, attention, bagels, being lethargic, berkeley, birds, bivouacking, blind love, blogging, blood, bright cute women, bright eyes, bright ideas, calvin and hobbes, cameras, camping, carpal tunnel syndrome, cities, climbing, clowning around, collarbones, compos mentis, creativity, cross country traveling, cunnilinctus, cunnilingus, debating, demonstrations, discussions, dr pepper, dreaming, dresses, eating her out, economics, essays, existentialism, fluff and puff, game theory, ghost world, google, greyhound buses, grrrls, her body, hiking, homeless people, i-me-myself, india, instant decaffeinated coffee, internet addiction, ishvara, janis joplin, journalism, l'escalade, la douceur, la sueur, les calins, les fines filles bcbg, les montagnes, liberalism, lights of the city, livejournal, london, looking beyond, lucid dreaming, me, meditation, milk, moi, mon corps, moon on a stick, mountain hiking, mountaineering, movie theaters, my body, my lj friends, myself, newsgroups, nice smells, on the road, open source software, pakhandi, palimpsests, pentax cameras, philadelphia cheese, philosophy, photographie, photographs, photos, poems, poetry, political systems, posts by womyns, pretending to be french, primal screams, procrastination, protests, pussy licking, quiet city afternoons, quiet places, road trips, screenplays, seagulls, sex, she-bears, sleepless nights, slow comfortable screws, social sciences, software, spain, spontaneous poetry, street photography, streets, studying human behavior, studying human behaviour, sweat, sweat and blood, talking, thailand, the humanity, the liberal media, the media, the mountains, the united kingdom, the usa, the word maybe, the word no, the word super mellifluous, the word yes, theory, thinking, thoughts, to bivouac, to think, tramps, typesetting, typing, typography, vegetarianism, vibrators, vodka, walking, watching people, yellow lined pads, yoga